So I am currently sat with clingfilm on my head....for the second time today! Today I cut my hair into a short pixie, taught myself, took nearly 2hrs, now a radical colour change...SILVER, if it goes to plan! I also want my helix piercing right next to the Spock bit on my upper left ear, and in the interests of saving, I was considering doing it myself, it doesn't scare me, just not sure I could swiftly get through the cartilage? be continued!

So I am the end of week 4 of 6, looking positive, I have a few commissions from last year that folk were patient enough to still have done...thank you to Chris, Amanda and Max...and two dog portraits from a lady I got to know recently too. Plus I still have a shed load of ideas I feel hell bent on completing...though I am never sure what I am chasing, but the drive is ever pressing and I keep chasing this thing that just keeps the spark alive in my being, and throughout my life as a woman.

It is often said a pattern keeps repeating itself till you learn from it, and I actually feel part way there! Looking at the cash to hours predicament, then the buffer idea, slung it together after thinking VERY long and hard about what matters to me as an artist...and I finally feel rather more confident going forward.

I don't want to jinx it, but I changed my thoughts, its made a difference...a big one....I am changing my hair, this could, however just lead to hats! Ha! Lets hope CoCo got it spot on whether my silver pixie do is a win or just an experience I got when I didn't quite nail what I wanted! If it ends up ok, I'll update my about me page photo...if not well, its just hair init! Ktf sexy people xxx

Currently looking like this lol! 16.39 04/03/18...fingers crossed eh?!

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