Ebb and flow...

Well I am currently on with more commissions, so another week of being quiet on my Northern Soul and Mod Art page, aswell as my Alice...a few floral pieces I did over the weekend but just no sustained time to do more detailed work.

Another dog portrait completed, another coming up in May, skulls and surreal work currently ongoing.

I have also closed my Etsy shop for now, printing my own prints is so uneconomical buying the right paper and the proper HP inks and keeping the cost down, its unsustainable as it stands, so maybe a rethink and reopen it when its not just costing me money to sell there. Some work is available via Redbubble though should you feel inclined.

I was also reported for using the word 'Polaroid' on Etsy, which was an innocent mistake. I thought it was a generic term like hoover for that style of photograph...apparently not. A lawyer firm in the US bought the rights to the name ''Polaroid' and go hunting down anyone that uses it, force them to remove it or take them to court.

So I have had to change the name on all my listing to old photographs, and well it just is what it is...I think I'd have been less irked had the emails not been so legal sounding and had it been Polaroid themselves, as I have no desire to infringe anything...although everyday is a school day, and learning that there are folk that make a living from this type of thing was a revelation!

A couple of quiet weeks on eBay, I must find time to produce different work...currently working 7 days isn't giving me that time, and maybe its just the ebb and flow of the world/eBay/lack of promotion? Who knows....least the bump fund allowing me to get the food shop. Onwards....ktf xxx

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