Key to Success...

...if this is how it feels, I don't want it!

I saw this on Pinterest, and I am very sorry I saved it without credits...but it slapped me like a wet fish last week. It TOTALLY focused my attention on what do I want? As an artist? mum? wife? general gobby pain in the arse?...PEACE! Not religious stuff, just an ease of living.

I have absolutely NO desire for fame, at all, hate attention in that way (I actually do a runner if folk mention me at an event I have donated artwork, interests me NOT at all), I am more than happy to promo my art, but moi? Nah! 

So heres what I figured about my art:

  • 1. I NEED to paint like I need to breathe.
  • 2. It's all the same, light and dark, whether a dog or a pair of Samba, detail is the only difference.
  • 3. I could be making a wazzuk of myself painting loads of genres and styles.
  • 4. I don't care! It makes me happy! I progress with each style/revisit.
  • 5. My way of life is NO ONES beeswax but mine!
  • 6. It IS mine...jog on! Private, not for consumptionally many judge eh!
  • 7. I am as happy as a pig in muck painting for folk that LOVE my work, move along if not, leave me be.
  • 8. I have NOTHING to prove, I am a lass that paints, thats good enough for me.
  • 9. I'd rather 10 paintings on 'ordinary' folks walls for £50 each than £27K collecting dust in a gallery!

I am absolutely ADAMANT in these, and its good to put them down for all to see...if it makes me unpopular, so be it and maybe it won't work long term but these are what matters TO ME, and I am going after them full throttle (cue Diva arms singing 'I am What I am', 'I did it My Way' and 'Against All Odds'...I am sure my INFJ personality has a soundtrack ;-)....onwards! You can give up on the methods, but never give up what REALLY matters to amount of ANYTHING is worth that! KTF xxx

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