Still moving... maybe at turtle speed, and not the Ninja variety but forward is forward no matter how slow you go...least that is what I am told.

Had around 3 busy weeks of predominantly commissions, and just coming to the end of the last one. It is a bit like waking up from a nap...ok, what was I doing, where am I, and what next?

No clue! Wing it by the seat of my pants I guess, some smaller or short time paintings I thought would do ok, didn't, so I need a rethink, see where I go next till a commission in May.

There's a few bits I am itching to do, but it takes my head a wee bit of catching up when its been strictly commissions and thinking on behalf of my clients thoughts and ideals, to switch lanes back into mine.

On the upside though I am actually out Northern Soul dancing on Sunday** locally, go show them what pure enthusiasm looks like! Ha! I love it, not any good, but that really doesn't phase me to be honest. And also a day trip to Blackpool in the not too distant future too! I can't wait! The only thing with Blackpool though is that I'll not want to get back on the coach...I'll just want to keep on dancing! Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey Nik Nok, you'll get a weekend soon....away from all the damn responsibility and suffocation of being in demand for stuffs!...just sometimes....aaaarrrraaaggghhhh!

Can you tell my boy is off school and leaving a trail of unwrapped packets, destruction and general additional mess I really don't have the time to be doing....onwards! I love him to pieces, however a teen seems to be a teen, even from my own loins lol....Happy Easter sexy peoples and I hope to have more to report soon. KTF xxx

** I ADORE dayers! A night out in the daytime, back home and in my PJs for! Sad but still a win lol! xx

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