Strong in the Negative

Soooooooo...thank you to people like Karen, and a huge contingent from even further ooop North than me, over the border in Scotland...And Sussex, and Leeds & Halifax....I very much think I am STAYING as an ARTIST (little excited squeak!...infact make that naked aeroplanes round the garden, even in the cold, am a Barnsley Lass I can take it!).

HUGEST thank yous to every single person that has ever bought from me...I MAY be being premature, I have two weeks to figure the rest out of the 6.... I hope not, but I got my fund going, Amanda and Max, up there is there, it's real, its physical I am the REAL LIFE owner of a 'Bump Fund' rainy day bill paying money! Huzzah! A huge thank you to the quiet one too...the Mister Morris who has put allot of hours in despite working fulltime too with young people 16-18 that have a hard time mostly....I am hoping to teach art voluntarily there too this year...give em some arty goodness!

It's been like getting a truck moving, and I am hoping I am NOT ahead of myself BUT its THE MOST CONFIDENT I have felt for years...I have let SO much baggage go, people that were toxic as much as I loved them, changed all I know, found a new way to think and am absolutely FIXED on how I want to be as an artist...and that is things that make us feel good should be for ALL...and whether that leads me astray, I have yet to determine, BUT I know that being a jack of all trades and possibly a master of none, so long as folk like me like MY art on their walls...I am a BLOODY successful artist, because that makes me happiest, AND I can pay my bills...I am EVEN starting to believe it! Thank you you sexy gorgeous people that have supported me throughout KTF xxx

PS I think the hairs great, totally new! Waiting till I get my Asda specs (booked in! excited I'll beable to do text messaging and ebook without enlarging lol) and I'll do a pic! Not a selfie taking person really xx

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