What do you do as an artist when you have 4 paintings unfinished? 

The four paintings to be completed...

That is right, draw up four more! Ha! So I got back in my lane, have drawn up the four 'immediate' ones and have 6 waiting in the wings, plus any spin offs inspired by the initial four.

The four paintings to be painted...Northern, Skin, Mod and Alice, all large 20x16in Northern 20x20in.

I have a 'feeling image' in my head for a Northern Soul Dancers, Wigan, drawing I have ready to go...however, how I will achieve it is currently foxing my synapses. I see many Northern Soul paintings, and some of my own that are very separating in terms of that figures are isolated, often static...this could be a captured moment in time, of that particular movement, but I am chasing something more fluid like what I see when I am Northern Soul dancing, that sense of almost double exposure, a fleeting image that's replaced rapidly...not sure if writing this down is making any sense though! What I am chasing is to do away with the static, completely isolated figures, try and find a more organic fluid feeling that replicates actually being on the dance floor....research completed yesterday at a very good Northern Soul Dayer where I danced myself silly...and some cracking images from there too...below just a couple of 130 odd photos trying to capture that double take, fleeting image with movement.

Images from 1st April Jct 36 Soul Club dayer...

It can drive me crackers chasing the image that is in my head, as its never just a picture, it comes with how it makes me feel, and I suppose the mind being fluid, it is constantly recalculating, which when placing marks on paper then nails it to the paper, trapped forever in that shape...but staying the same, painting in the same style/technique, not reaching for the impossible, for the new will never better me as an artist. So I will try a day of experiments, see where I can take it or it takes me! Wet into wet washes, negative painting, chasing down the spaces, and possibly a double exposed nudge of the image in places. And of course it could not work...but if I never try I'll never know! 

So there will probably be no auctions this week, and currently chasing my synapse sparkles, which just needs to happen...but hopefully I will have more to post on both of my art pages this week, given I have Alice, Northern, Skin and Mod on the boards, and have been quiet due to commission work, have a cracking week sexy people...KTF xxx

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