Do I Love You?...Indeed I do!

Deary me its been a fair old while since I updated this Musings page! Partially very busy, partially minding my own beeswax, and just cracking on with a quiet life....ish! I have my moments! But that would be telling...and a lady NEVER spills the good bits! ;-)

I did get over to Dancing on the Carpet (Northern Soul Style) at the end of May, and had THE best weekend I have had in Blackpool (in 11 years, upto 3/4 times a year as pennies permit), especially because I was kind of adopted by a wonderful group of Soulies, I LOVE you ALL! Thank you...Sharron, Rob, Phil, Doris (Sue) Robert etc....just thank you! And then because of the magic pocket rocket that is Carol of the Soul Suite...we met in April on one of my day trips out to Blackpool, and May weekend we just had a ball! Such a WONDERFUL lass, and all the others, Holly, Beth etc....thank you. I painted the painting above for Carol, just because I love her, and the venue VERY much INDEED! THE best spot in Blackpool!

So work wise? well fingers in pies, some stuff gone ok, some stuff not so much...but ABSOLUTELY loving the postcard range and spin offs from that...even Teddy Boys and Punks in my repertoire now.....more off the beaten track people for me, those are MY people! Square peg, round hole....

So I keep meeting fabulous people on this journey, through making marks on magic is THAT? Does it solve the low times? the jeez am not going to feed the family moments? NO. However, I am mucking in, muddling through....and Do I love you? ...Indeed I do! KTF xxx

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