Schools out for Summer...

School is indeed out for summer.....and I have had a 10 day hiatus to sort out my sons bedroom, whilst he had a holiday with my brothers family. From an eight year olds decor to something a little more fitting for my growing lad, including a bespoke made to measure desk ready for his up coming GCSE years. Either side of that, there have been commissions, so not tonnes of new work around currently.

I also gave my studio a huge sort out (a 360 video of it at the bottom) before the bedroom was started, as it had all got a little silly and messy...and basically driving me potty! Plus I got new to me drawers for £20.00 which are just gorgeous! I call it Bernie! 

Just PERFECT for my paints and other artist type tranclements! Hope it survives better than my Aloe Vera no gardener!

So up and coming will be more Skins for sure, had a few enquiries, a few more Alice, keep the postcards of both genres going I hope...and finish off a couple of outstanding pieces, especially the extra large Corona with Soul Bag one.

I do seem to have lost my way a little bit, lots and lots of disruptions which I won't be completely without until September, but am sure I'll figure it out and find a plan, filtering all the ideas I have into some semblance of knowing what am doing! I can live in hope! 

I really must update my fisog photos too...been several hair colours since..and never did get around to putting up a pic on this bloggy thing...will try harder! Am just not a selfie/video person at all...until I get a trampoline and some tiddlypops, but that is a whole other story!

Have a good Summer sexy people, KTF xxx

My bijou studio just after the tidy round!

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