Sooooooooo.....Saturday night I played out (unusual these days. as mostly I work evenings and weekends), went to see a fabulous 6 piece Ska band.... and made a bit of a pillock of myself bouncing about at the end of the night like a loon (I was out on good behaviour!)...A few jars down the hatch...and boom I was all over it. MAGIC it was! Fabulous company for the evening and met some grand folk too.... the West Yorkshire band Acoustic Skadom, are just mint! Shame that to allot of people that were there, they were the 'turn', and they were waiting for the interval BinGO....still, they were brilliant and I had a fab time, donned my Parka, tassel loafers, tartan mini skirt, and black and white knit....may have looked a womble but I felt ACE!

In other newses, looking to reduce costs, paintings not nearly covering time/actual outgoings on auctions, but if I put the prices up, it may be that folk can't manage it....quite the conundrum! A huge thank you to Darren, Sue, Raffy, Greg, Mark, Andrew, and a few folk I haven't seen in a while have returned, Tracey, Max and David....thank you, you keep me going! Especially the lovely comments and new envelopes, see how they go, sending one to myself through the Royal Mail system, check it can manage before I pop artwork inside one!

Changing the size of the 15x11in in to 14x11in which is a common photographic print size, so off the shelf frames are more readily available.....other than that, trying to work hard, keep my head down and just keep on keeping on. Oh and volunteering to go litter picking is a thing I love, it feels ace making the world a teeny bit better, no plastics for wildlife to entangle in, and looks better me, try it...2 hours a couple of times a month...pure magic! Off litter picking Saturday again, yay! KTF xxx

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