Fancy That!

Well it's that time again, I have just kissed my nearly the same height as me (5ft 11) young man off to school! How did I grow one so big, and not break him in the process? I'll take that as a win.....also that my music is now back on nice and loud, and I can 'dance' my version of Northern all day long as stompy as I want! But I digress...

So its been a long while since I wrote a longer blog, as my times been so stretched trying to fit things in! It is amazing how much you can get done with renewed focus, less distractions and sheer bloody mindedness! ...Fancy That!....think I finally got through the muddy waters and re-found my focus, love and drive more than ever to do this!

I seem to be wick with hundreds of ideas, and currently to try right myself financially after the boys room redecoration and school uniform/stuff, I have two very distinct lanes of artworks....the juxtaposition is rather marvellous for me as an artist, covering all I hold precious in what I do.

The Subcultures, composed of any that fit under this wonderful genre, Skins are still my favourite winning guys and gals in terms of proper loveliness, care and interest in my artwork...I am a bit star struck with any Skinhead, and I ain't prone to that! Mainly the paintings are postcard sized 'Intimates' range, then larger 11x15 in paintings. I LOVE the focus all on dancing, drawing in the fashion and being right outside the lines.

The Alice and Friends series are similar in size, I do the Intimates 6x4in ones to ensure there is something pretty much anyone can afford (matters muchly to me) and let my mind wander as fee as a bird, but stay within the lines using line and wash (watercolour).

I have really never been very good at being only one thing, pigeon holed into a genre and way of working when there is so much that fascinates me, so much to explore and love being an I am pants at rules! So I get material creativity from the Subculures, the music, the dancing and researching the fashions....and the Alice & Friends allows my imagination free reign, wild fanciful expression, strange, surreal and sometimes a bit dark. But both lanes allow for the fast spill of ideas I have daily...I have 14 on the go right now, and still planning next weeks which I can't wait to do too!

I'd love to eventually do some more of the very detailed works I used to do, but they are very, very time intensive, and folk just don't have the money to pay for that now. I need to stay flexible, adaptable, diverse and willing to meet any potential buyers purse restrictions in order to remain as an artist, but also meet the bills, ever rising material's a tricky world init! By trying everything I can think of to keep the price low enough for people to afford original artwork, but also that I meet a basic price to time ratio to put food literally on the table, and buy paint and paper (am on fume levels currently)...this is the most progress I have made, especially in this past two weeks. Go girl!

I am toying with the idea also of linking my blog/gallery entries to my still open but unused Twitter account? I have lots of lovely friends on there, but I really don't have the time to keep it upto date and replied to....but wouldn't want to upset folk by not saying thank you for the shares if they do....tricky again! How come its all so complicated eh? My life is so busy with my artwork now, evenings, and weekends are a must...I was at it 6.20am Sunday morning watching the sunrise too from my studio....

This summer has taught me loads, not to waste time on things that make you feel rubbish, self doubt, people or situations that just don't make you feel good, the erosion of confidence, self worth and the spiral it can cause is NOT worth it...try not to let your beautiful mind think about ugly things, it wastes time, and you simply cannot get that back, its too precious to be subjected to anyone or anything like that! Onwards....KTF xxx

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