Bowery Beginnings

A wonderful chap and collector of my work asked over the 80s 'New Romantics/Blitz Kids subculture, whether I would/could do him some artwork? As I can't do things by halves generally, I went in lapping up all the research I could given the little time I have now for such things. He mentioned Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange, Blitz Kids....what a wonderful world! 

I think I just missed out again, as born '73 wasn't really allowed the club scene at 8-11yr old BUT I was massively influenced by this music. I even had a picture I created of Boy George on Tony Harts gallery, as well as my walls plastered in Adams and the Ants posters and Duran, all from Smash Hits (the creases bugged me tho!)

Today I downloaded TOTP New Romantics and bounced about doing my housework as a 45yr old wife and mum....a FAR cry from my legs up against the wall laying in waiting to tape TOTPs on my cassette player singing, but trying to edit out the DJ! I was a HUGE Duran fan, John Taylor being my crush, and also Adam and the Ants and Hazel O'Connor (not sure she counts though?) ....just such a shame I never got to sample the Blitz Kids Scene! I ADORED this music and recall 90% or the 58 on the compilation, even if I had to dig way down the cells!

Just WOW!!! Wish I had been 10 years older, and experienced Leigh Bowery et al, the costumery, individuality, gender blur, I have always loved Boy George, but Leigh seems the Leader of the pack. So then I SO had to paint him, and probably more of him too, so inspiring, such a shame to lose him at 33!

So subculture through to Club kids, I just want MORE, and will be doing more I hope! SO SO many loose ends have now made sense, its quite spooky how the links to my youth are SO strong and make more sense now, and that I get to enjoy it all over again...even if I have to do it in marigolds! KTF xxx

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