So from Leigh Bowery I am propelled forth into Drag....predominantly through the paint drips, but it wasn't a hard leap. I have always been fascinated by drag/costume/theatre and have many connections, which are too personal to blog mostly. I toyed with drag as an idea way back when I was doing Burlesque and Pin Up paintings but ended up going down the Alice route.

Leigh Bowery

Bob the Drag Queen

Drag has come on leaps and bounds since then with RuPaul helping to light the way, and rather than just using my experience and techniques, I decided to mash up lots images and influences from those images to paint Bob, and Bianca is up next, using a Google search as a 'paint palette' too...maybe they won't sell...I don't know, and that is a bit scary...I don't have a safety net to pay bills, so if they don't I have caused us proper grief....but if I never try I'll never know! Using years and yeqars of techniques and experimentation I have done in these paintings is wonderful, with lots of mediums....pure MAGIC!

Currently in a state of flux, wanting to spend longer on paintings like this of Bob but that can put all my eggs in one basket and no food on the table! we shall see what happens! Watch this space! Ktf xxx

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