No News...

Hello there, well its been a while again...and basically no news really, reconnected with some great people and still keeping on keeping on with the painting....thats it. Painting pretty much anything any everything, but still the two main focuses are Alice and Subcultures...and some curve balls inbetween. Sadly the drag though I liked allot, really doesn't have the customer base, which is a shame ...but I seem to keep picking ones that are wide of the usual making finding customers tricky! Not to worry eh!

So at the moment am up early, crack on 7 days a week. 19 paintings hopefully this week, 9 of which are the little postcards which don't take as long, but I may just be pushing a little too hard expecting that many to be completed, what doesn't gets transferred to the week after...thing is, even with that many my mind has more! I don't want to knock creativity and I like being up 5am to work, but with a bit of lurgy at the moment, its getting a wee bit tiring if truth be known....however, they don't all sell each week, so hopefully I will buy myself some time off soon! I am ready to let my hair down, laugh and dance about I think...potentially a side of mischief would be nice too, being daft and all that malarky, all this adulting makes NikNok a dull girl, and an injection of sparkles would be rather nice! Keep the faith lovelies and don't work too hard eh! xx

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